What Does Kaleo Mean? 

Kaleo [pronounced kal-eh-o] is a Greek word that means “to call”. 

Over against the perception of the church as a location or building, Kaleo seeks to reimage the local church as God’s people on mission together, making disciples of Christ who are both joyful and passionate both locally and beyond.  An expression we use to describe the life of our community is “scattered and gathered.”  

Just as inhaling and exhaling are vital components to breathing, we believe the pattern of scattering and gathering to be the lifeblood of our community life.  We embody this pattern at Kaleo through multiplying "Mid-sized” communitie scattered about the city while also cultivating gathered times of celebration, healing, and fellowship on Sundays.  

    Gathering Times:

    SUNDAY'S @ 10:30 am

    Location: Star Center

    3873 S. 66th St.

    Tacoma, WA

    Contact: info@kaleofaith.org